5 Reasons You Need Professional Video On Your Website


1. Videos Tell Stories

A professional video really tells a story. And in a truly great video, the subtleties added by music, sound effects, transitions, close ups and voice-over all enrich the story.
This depth of communication makes a professional video an extremely effective way to showcase your business, service, product or people. What’s more, video tells a story much more efficiently and more eloquently . It gets your point across in less time and in a much more engaging way. Saving viewers valuable time and mental energy.

2. Professional Video Gets Noticed

In today’s fast moving online world, visitors to your site or to your social media networks have a very short attention span. It has been statistically proven that video is way, way more likely to be viewed or clicked on, than a text based article. A well produced, professional video says a lot about your company or business and secures browser attention.

3. The Search Engines Love Video

There is mounting evidence to indicate that having a professional video on your website brings with it significant SEO benefits. And let’s face it, we all want to improve our search engine results don’t we?

4. Professional Video Increases ‘Dwell Time’

Visitors to a website are likely to spend 60% more time on a webpage which includes a highly engaging, well produced professional video.

5. Your competitors are investing in video

You can guarantee that if your competitors don’t have promotional video, they are working on it. Best not to be left too far behind eh?

As a video production company, based in North Wales, we’re always happy to chat to you about your plans to produce a video for your business, organisation or event. Why not get in touch so we give you a quote and get the ball rolling?

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