Ten Handy Tools For Social Media Management

In no particular order, here are a few tools we use to make many of the day-to-day social media tasks we need to complete easier.


Google Analtyics

Quite amazingly, Google Analytics is still a free service, giving you in-depth analysis of your website traffic. Far too good to ignore.



Google Alerts

Use this tool to set up alerts for any phrase you like. When Google sees a new post with that phrase,  name or keyword in it, you’ll get an email notification. A great way to monitor the internet for chatter about your business or brand.




This handy little tool will help you trim your tweet down to size. Put any word in and Thsrs will provide you with shorter alternatives.




This neat tool allows you to shorten any url into a much more manageable size in a heartbeat.



Convert Case

Sometimes, you have a chunk of text in uppercase that you need to use in a hurry but need it converting to lowercase first. This handy, lightweight tool is just right for the job.




It not often, but sometimes, you need a rhyme. When you do, let the mother of all rhyming tools come to your rescue.




Although it is a social media network in its own right, Pinterest makes this list because it is such a handy way to collect ideas and store inspiration you find on the net. With secret and collaborative boards it makes an incredible creative-planning tool.




Make your own Gifs in the blink of an eye. Add effects and captions.



Adobe Spark

Make your own graphics and animated videos in a jiffy. Free to use (but only for now no doubt).



Social Mention

An excellent way to keep track of mentions, posts,  photos and videos of your business or your competitors online.