E-mail Marketing

At Digitally Focused, we’re used to helping customers with their e-mail marketing.  Whether you’d like us to help you set up and integrate a new e-mail marketing system, or produce and deliver regular strategic e-mail marketing campaigns on your behalf, we are always happy to help.

E-mail is a vital mechanism that allows you to efficiently engage with your customers

Working closely with you and your team, we can help in a variety of ways.  Here are just a few of the areas where you can make the best use of our knowledge and experience:

    • Email marketing strategy
      Let us help you plan how and when you reach existing and prospective customers by e-mail.
    • List growth
      With our assistance you can grow your email database faster and more productively, leading to better results across the board.
    • Email training and workshops
      Let us train your staff to construct effective e-mails and deliver them to the right people with minimal effort and maximum effect.
    • Reporting
      Reaching the inbox is only the initial goal in an email campaign. Let us analyse data like who opens each message, at what time and whether they take any action. We’ll tell you who clicked on each link and track those users through to your site then assess them against your preset conversions goals. So you can tell at a glance how successful each campaign has been.
    • Campaign management
      Our deep understanding of all the moving parts in planning and executing e-mail campaigns means we can help when you simply need another pair of hands. We can manage the process, create content and deliver the campaign according to your brief. We’ll even take trouble of creating and sending email campaigns.
    • Website and Social Media Integration
      Allow us to integrate your e-mail system into your website and social media networks to make sure your e-mails achieve your maximum potential reach every time.


If you’d like to talk to us about any part of your email marketing communications, email us now on info@digitallyfocused.co.uk