Why use video to promote your business?

filming an interview on a video camera

Using video as part of your online marketing mix won’t just bring you up to date with the times. Video carries with it a host of other important advantages. Advantages that you don’t get from articles, blog posts or other written material.

Video helps you make close subconscious emotional connections with viewers and it can show visitors that your business is so much more than just another soul-less online facade. Which helps improves engagement, reach and ‘stickability’.

Here are a few good reasons why you should invest in video

1. Increased Reach

One of the most important benefits of using video in your marketing is the expanded reach it creates. As well as giving you greater visibility on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram, Video also gives you allows you to harness the power of youtube. Youtube is a huge network, with enormous viewing figures. Also, with video results being shown as standard on google, along with the option to only see video results, it makes sense to throw you video into the melting pot.

2. Increased Shareability

Statistics prove that video is much more likely to be shared than any other form of media. By posting your video on your website and social media, you increase the chances of your message spreading.

3. Video Is A Shot In The Arm For SEO

Using video to promote your business has unprecedented SEO advantages. Search engines like Google are rewarding video producers with more traffic.

It makes sense that search engines hold videos in such high regard. There are probably already tons of articles, and posts relating to your marketplace But there will be a lot less video. Which means it’s more likely that you can create a video which hits the first page of the search rankings.

According to SEO authority Moz, web content contains videos attracts 3 times as many inbound links as plain text posts. As the search engines treat  inbound links from reputable websites as  positive endorsements, content with a lot of inbound traffic is rewarded with higher search engine rankings.

4. Video Increases Dwell Time

A video increases the average amount of time users spend on a web page. Dwell time is an important metric which is used to assess SEO rankings. Aside from that, it gives you more time to convince visitors to buy your product, join your mailing list or decide to visit your restaurant or attraction.

5. Video is more affordable and accessible than ever

You can your own video or you can hire a video company like Digitally Focused to make a video for you. If you hire a company to do it for you, you’ll save a huge amount of time and effort and probably end up with a better finished product.

Now all you need is a video company to help you get started.

We’d love to be that video company.

As a video production company based in Conwy, we help businesses across North Wales and the North West produce videos that showcase their company, organisation, products or events. And we’d love to help you do the same for your business.

Why not drop us a note on info@digitallyfocused.co.uk and well arrange to have a chat and let you know what’s possible.

Promotional Video Production | Frequently Asked Questions

video production on a Canon C100 video camera

How far will you travel to make a video?

There’s no limit. From The Bahamas To Brazil, we’ll go wherever you need us.

We’re happy to go wherever you like but in reality, we spend our time making promotional videos for clients across North Wales and The North West Of England.

How Long does it take to shoot a promotional video?

That depends entirely on the brief and the complexity of the promotional video. It can range from just a few hours filming, to a multi-day shoot.

Of course, filming is only part of the process. Editing the footage usually takes a lot longer than shooting it.
If you have an idea what you’d like to achieve we can give you an idea of how long it will take.

Can you film an interview style video?

Yes, of course, we can use multiple cameras, studio lighting and professional lapel mics to help get that really personal feeling. Great sound production always helps too, so we’ll use every trick in the sound-editing book to create a rich, meaningful tone.

Can you shoot a webinar, product demo or explainer video?

Yes. The answer here is the same as it is for producing an interview style video (see above). The secret of this style is in the script. We’re always happy to work with you to refine the wording for your explainer-style promotional video and to film it. We’ll even be the subject and deliver the script ourselves if you would prefer.

Can you create a video without filming on location?

Yes, there are several ways that is possible. We can re-edit old video footage that you have from a previous project. Or you can shoot your own video footage using your DLSR and/or iphone, then we can edit your footage into the finished item. We can create a video from stock footage, using some of the millions of video clips available in professional stock video libraries. Finally we can create a text oriented, graphic based or animated video to get your message across. We’re always happy to talk your plans through with you and share our ideas and opinions.

Can you edit an existing promotional video?

Yes. We do a lot of this work. Often a client will come to us with an existing promotional video which has been made redundant thanks to an old logo or an ex-member of staff being interviewed on camera.

We can usually find a solution for these problems, making that video usable with just a few hours in our editing studio.

Another regular request is to edit together the best clips form a number of old promotional videos.  Again, no problem at all. What’s more if you need logos, graphics, music, voice over or captions adding to the finished video, we’ll take care of it all for you.

Can you add a voiceover?

Yes, we have a fully equipped professional standard sound recording studio. So we can record your voice, a member of your team. Or if you need a certain sound to match your target audience, we can arrange professional voiceover artist, matching gender, age and accent and tone to your specification.

Can you improve the sound on an existing video?

We can give it a damn good try! There are no guarantees but we’ve had huge success in this area for a number of existing clients. Because we have all the professional sound editing equipment and software – and we know how to get the best out of your footage.

So whatever you have, we’re happy to take a quick look and tell you what we think can be achieved.

Can you design me a new logo while you are at it?

No. Although this is an unbelievably common request, logo design is a huge and entirely separate task. So it’s a task which is best left to the real experts. We do have a short list of recommended designers and brand experts who will work with you to create a new identity for you. We’ll happily put you in touch with them, whilst we work on making a promotional video for you.

What if I have a small budget?

You would be amazed what can be achieved for just a few hundred pounds. If you have a fixed budget, just a make it easy on us all from the start and tell us. Once we agree what we are creating for that budget, we’ll make sure you don’t spend a penny more. No surprises.

Can you supply drone footage?

Yes, we have all kinds of equipment to help us create the ‘look’ you are after, from sliders, to steadicams and to drones to multiple DSLRs

In our initial conversations, we’ll discuss your promotional video and establish what we need to bring along to the shoot.

Can you help me get my promotional video online?

Yes, we have a lifetime of experience online an don social media behind us, so whatever you need to achieve with your promotional video, we can help you achieve it.  Whether you need to load it up to youtube, post it or your wordpress blog or turn it into lead generation advertisement on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, we can help.

How can I get started?

If you’re ready to start creating your promotional video, why not drop Dave a note at dave@digitallyfocused.co.uk and he’ll contact you to discuss all the details.

How Long Should Your Video Be?

Ideal camera for promotional video

Guidelines for Video Length

As a general rule of thumb in Online Video Production, most videos should be under two minutes, but as always there are exceptions. Also each social media network varies in its requirements.

Although most videos are best kept to two minutes or less, the duration of any particular video depends entirely on the end use, the chosen network and, in some cases the, industry.

It is also worth considering the video’s position in your sales funnel. Generally speaking, the further down the funnel your lead moves, the more information they will be able to digest, so start with short punchy video and move on to more lengthy information-rich videos as they move further down the funnel

Here are a few statistics:

Here are a few more details

How Long For Social Media Videos

All social media sites have their rules and regulations when it comes to video and video length. Here are some simple guidelines to help you in your video production.

Instagram Video

Instagram videos should be between 30-60 seconds in length. The 30-second midpoint is the sweet spot for Instagram’s fast-moving audience. On Instagram, always try to get your key messages across in the first 15 seconds. IGTV (Instagram TV) videos can be up to 10 minutes long.

Facebook Video

On Facebook, videos can be as long as four hours long! But just because modern video production methods make that possible, it doesn’t mean you should do it. If nothing else, producing a high quality 4 hour video would very time consuming and expensive.

Most promotional videos on Facebook are between 30-90 seconds long.

Facebook Live is a great way to connect with customers in real time. You can broadcast for up to four hours and, as with Instagram Live, the longer your live video runs, the greater your chances that people will discover it. Just be sure not to go below 10 minutes, which is about how much time it takes for people to be notified and tune in.

LinkedIn Video Length

Linkedin video can be up to 10 minutes in length but again, most Linkedin users are busy professionals who are unlikely to spend ten minutes watching an online video. keep your videos below the 1.30-2.00 minute mark and you will catch more of your audiences attention.

YouTube Video Production

Again on youtube, video can stretch to enormous lengths but 2 minutes or under is a good general rule for general promotional video for you business

Twitter Video Length

Twitter videos can be up to 2.20 minutes in length but it is worth bearing in mind that Twitter champions itself on rapid, no-nonsense communication, so its users are unlikely to go the distance. Try to keep your videos below the 1.20 minute mark and you should see more success.

Pinterest Video

As a general rule Pinterest videos should range from 15 to 30 seconds with detailed demos or explainer videos being the exception.

Snapchat Video Length

10 seconds is all you get on Snapchat. Seen and gone in a snap of your fingers.

Website Video Production

Try to keep the videos on your website below the two minute mark, particularly on your homepage or landing pages. As visitors delve deeper into your site, longer videos can provide more detail. You should always try to position your video at the top of the page (above the fold), so it is the first thing visitors see.

Other Videos

Demos, explainer videos, interviews, tutorials and webinars can all be significantly longer but you should always try to edit out as much as possible. Less is always more.

Whatever video you are looking to produce, we would love to help your create it. Just drop Dave a note at dave@digitallyfocused.co.uk and he’ll get in touch to move things forward.

Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions on Video Production here

Find out more about our approach to video production here

5 Reasons You Need Professional Video On Your Website


1. Videos Tell Stories

A professional video really tells a story. And in a truly great video, the subtleties added by music, sound effects, transitions, close ups and voice-over all enrich the story.
This depth of communication makes a professional video an extremely effective way to showcase your business, service, product or people. What’s more, video tells a story much more efficiently and more eloquently . It gets your point across in less time and in a much more engaging way. Saving viewers valuable time and mental energy.

2. Professional Video Gets Noticed

In today’s fast moving online world, visitors to your site or to your social media networks have a very short attention span. It has been statistically proven that video is way, way more likely to be viewed or clicked on, than a text based article. A well produced, professional video says a lot about your company or business and secures browser attention.

3. The Search Engines Love Video

There is mounting evidence to indicate that having a professional video on your website brings with it significant SEO benefits. And let’s face it, we all want to improve our search engine results don’t we?

4. Professional Video Increases ‘Dwell Time’

Visitors to a website are likely to spend 60% more time on a webpage which includes a highly engaging, well produced professional video.

5. Your competitors are investing in video

You can guarantee that if your competitors don’t have promotional video, they are working on it. Best not to be left too far behind eh?

As a video production company, based in North Wales, we’re always happy to chat to you about your plans to produce a video for your business, organisation or event. Why not get in touch so we give you a quote and get the ball rolling?

If you are interested, just drop Dave a line at dave@digitallyfocused.co.uk and he’ll get right back to you.

Why & How You Should Always Respond To Positive Reviews

I wrote recently about why and how to deal with negative reviews. After writing that piece, it occurred to me that I should take the time to stress that it is good practice to reply to all reviews, whether positive or negative. The reasons and strategies will differ but you should always find the time to reply to the positive reviews as well as the negative. Here’s why:


  1. It Makes People Feel Good.

Yes. It’s as simple as that. When your customer receives a reply thanking them for leaving a lovely review, they will feel good. They will feel appreciated and they will feel valued and know that they have done something good. They will also feel good about your company brand or business and as we are in the business of building relationships with and attaching positive emotions to our brand, that can only be a good thing.
So go right ahead, reply to the positive reviews and make your customers feel good about themselves.


  1. They Get Read.

It isn’t just the reviewer who will read your reply. Dozens, hundreds or even thousands of others will read the response too. And when they do, they will create a mental picture of your brand’s personality. What brand, business or company doesn’t want to be seen as efficient, polite and appreciative.

Also bear in mind that online users are unlikely to read one review in isolation, they will read loads of them. They will also read more if the responses are interesting and personal, building a stronger connection with your business or brand.


  1. It Humanises You.

Every opportunity to communicate publicly is an opportunity to ‘humanise’ your business. It’s a good thing to capitalise on this by showing a little character in your response. It is also often a chance to subtly reinforce your understanding of the marketplace, subject or area you are involved in. Sometimes, the reviewer may even open the door to a deeper level of personalisation.

For example, if in a review for trail running shoes, the reviewer mentions that they bought the shoes for a specific race, as a specialist retailer of running shoes, you may choose to close your response by saying something like “Enjoy the Snowdon Race and watch out for that final descent, it’s a killer”. That maximises the connection by reinforcing your company’s knowledge of the subject and humanises you as a brand. It also leaves the thread open for others to chip in and agree or contradict by joining in the conversation. All marketing gold dust.

When you illustrate that understanding of your marketplace, you can add knowledgeable to the list of traits the customer recognises in your brand. So you go from efficient, polite and appreciative to efficient, polite, appreciative and knowledgeable.


  1. It Is A Chance To Prove That You Are Listening.

Just like it was for negative reviews, you have the opportunity to really prove that you are listening to your customers. By responding in the first place you show the world that you’re listening and you are not too busy or distracted to hear what’s being said.

A neat trick to make the most of the positive feedback is simply to echo it in your answer, either by emphasising how good the feedback is

e.g. “Thanks for giving us five stars John…”

or even repeating the reasons given for the praise.

e.g “Thanks for awarding us all five stars Stacey, we’re delighted to hear that your weekend in our hotel was one of the best you’ve ever had”

You can even take things a little further by how you make it happen.

e.g. “Thanks for the five-star review Bob, we’re really pleased that you and your children enjoyed their visit to our trampoline park. Our staff go out of their way to make sure every one of our visitors has the best possible experience at Jumparound and they will be delighted to know that you appreciated their effort so much.”


  1. It Is An Opportunity To Invite Them Back.

In signing off, there is always a chance to let your customers know they will be warmly welcomed next time they visit.

“e.g. We’re looking forward to seeing you again”.


e.g. “ Of course, when you’ve run enough miles to wear those shoes out, we’ll be ready to help you choose the perfect next pair.”



So don’t miss out on these key benefits to your business by dismissing good reviews as ‘not in need of attention’. Respond to the positive reviews as passionately as you do the negative ones and enjoy doing it. Because talking to your customers is good business and it’s actually good fun.